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The Offspring (album)
Offspring 1995 album cover.jpg
Studio Album
Released June 15, 1989 (original)
November 21, 1995 (first reissue)
June 26, 2001 (second reissue)
Recorded South Coast Recording, Santa Ana, California
Length 31:23
Label Nemesis (1989)
Epitaph/Nitro (1995)
Nitro (2001)
Produced by Thom Wilson

The Offspring is the first full-length album released by The Offspring, originally released on Nemesis Records in 1989. After the surprise success of Smash, the album was reissued on Epitaph Records in 1995 with a different cover, which marked the first time that it was released on CD. Some copies of that reissue carry the Nitro Records logo.

On June 26, 2001, over exactly 12 years after the album's original release, the second reissue of The Offspring was released on Nitro with the same cover as the Epitaph reissue. This reissue does not feature the last track "Kill the President". Dexter Holland reportedly stated that the reason "Kill the President" was removed was to prevent legal pressure falling upon the band and Nitro.

The only video recorded for this album was "Jennifer Lost the War." Even though this album was released in 1989, a single version of "I'll Be Waiting/Blackball" was released in 1986. That was the first single The Offspring ever released.

Track listing

  1. "Jennifer Lost the War" (2:35)
  2. "Elders" (2:11)
  3. "Out on Patrol" (2:32)
  4. "Crossroads" (2:48)
  5. "Demons" (3:10)
  6. "Beheaded" (2:52)
  7. "Tehran" (3:06)
  8. "A Thousand Days" (2:11)
  9. "Blackball" (3:24)
  10. "I'll Be Waiting" (3:12)
  11. "Kill the President" (3:22)
  12. "Hey Joe" (2:38) [Only on the 1989 cassette.]