The Offspring have a tour history dating back to at least 1986, when they were a local act, playing in small clubs. Since then, the band has played in all types of venues, including small clubs, theaters, sports arenas and stadiums, and participated some of the largest music festivals in the world. The Offspring have toured and played shows every year except for 2006.

Note that on each tour, The Offspring's line-up has featured Dexter Holland, Noodles and Greg K. (except for some shows on their 2008 European tour, where Face to Face's Scott Shiflett filled in for him). The band has switched drummers numerous times; James Lilja played drums on their pre-1987 gigs before he was replaced by Ron Welty. Welty would play on all of the band's tours/shows from 1987 to 2002. He left the band in 2003 and was replaced by Atom Willard, who was eventually replaced by Pete Parada in 2007.

Years Tour name Release promotion Dates played Dates cancelled Other information
1984-1988 Early Offspring Shows None This was not an actual tour.
1989-1991 First Offspring Tour The Offspring
1992-1993 Ignition Tour Ignition
1994-1996 Smash Tour Smash 246 None
1997 Ixnay on the Hombre Tour Ixnay on the Hombre 145 1
1998-1999 Americana Tour Americana
2000-2002 Conspiracy of One Tour Conspiracy of One The Offspring's last tour with Ron Welty on drums.
2003-2004 Splinter Tour Splinter The Offspring's first with Atom Willard on drums.
2005 Warped Tour Greatest Hits
2005 European Tour
2005 Japanese Tour The Offspring's last tour with Atom Willard on drums.
2007 2007 Japanese Shows None The Offspring's first with Pete Parada on drums.
2008 Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace Tour Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace
2009 Shit Is Fucked Up Tour
2010 2010 U.S. Shows None
Unity Tour This was actually 311's tour, but The Offspring co-headlined
2010 Japanese Shows
2011 2011 European Tour None
2012-2013 Days Go By Tour Days Go By
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